The First SketchThis project was my take on a social networking mobile application. I tried to merge my love of geo-location to create a new way to connect people through photos and spark new discussions.

Geo-Caching Memories

Memento is a photo sharing application that aims to connect users through the discovery of photos. A user makes a post tagging their content which could be video,picture,or a photo to a certain location.

The content is saved into the phone using a google places API and a geo-fence is created around the content.Other users of the app do not receive any notifications or clues that a photo was taken.Instead the app which uses passive gps updates notifies them when they have stepped into a geo-fence. The app is based around hiding and discovering photos seamlessly. Uncovered photos can be commented on and voted to the top of where they were taken.

Current User Screen The app right now is available on my Github. While I have started to learn mobile development I did not have the skills to create this app as fast I wanted. I worked with a partner and occasionally a third developer to crate the app. I was responsible for UIX design. I used balsamiq to sketch out how the app would flow. I hired graphic artists from fiver and most importantly coordinated the programming effort and progress using Trello. I assisted in coding and researching problems that came up during our iterations.

Current Progress

I am currently revising the app and deciding on how to implement its core ideas. Unfortunately while I was working on this project Facebook released their places API this Facebook add on shows you what photos your friends took this current location accomplishing a similar task to mine except relying on manually opening the Facebook app and showing you photos you have seen before

I plan on pivoting the app but keeping the same concept. I will still focus on how to implement geo-location based photo/text sharing in a new and intuitive way.

Currently a user can sign up and geo-tag and hide photos to a location for their friends to find. I am working on adding a passive geo-update feature so the the user doesn't have to open the application to find photos and can just discover them by walking around. I also plan on adding video and comment support and a better login feature

The GIT for the app is here .Please feel free to download the GPSphoto project ! It will connect to my hosted MYSQL server and allow you to use MEMEMNTO !